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General Terms: PB managment

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General Terms for using this web site


These terms are intended to regulate relations between "PB Management" Ltd., VAT: 203064483 and users, hereinafter referred to as "clients" in connection with the provided service for online reservation of sea carriage (the "Service").

  1. Types of reservations according to the choice of payment method
    1. Guaranteed reservation
      If an immediate payment is made with credit or debit card, the reservation is considered to be guaranteed.
      Reservation is invalid when payment has not been received due to incorrect data or insufficient funds on the card.
    2. Not guaranteed reservation
      Delayed payment (postponed) where it is on hold in order remittance to be confirmed shall be considered not guaranteed reservation.
      Reservation is not guaranteed when you select payment via bank transfer.
      If within 72 hours from the booking PB Management’s account has a confirmation receipt for the amount due your reservation will be guaranteed, otherwise the booking will be automatically canceled.
    Important: The payment is registered on the date when the due amount has been received in PB Management’s account, not on the date of the payment order. Please consider delays in interbank transfers, in order to make sure that the amount will be in PB Management bank account on time.
  2. How to make a reservation.
    1. Step 1: You should choose a route from port of embarkation to port of disembarkation in the travel reservation system. Then select the voyage on which you wish to travel, vehicle data (vehicle type, size), and number of passengers and then pressed "Search" tab.
    2. Step 2: You should choose the type of cabin you want to travel in and press the "go ahead and customize your trip" tab.
    3. Step 3: You have to enter your full passport name in Latin, email address and contact phone number, details for the identity document with which you are going to travel and vehicle details (if any).Then press the "go ahead and customize your journey " tab.
    4. Step 4: You should choose the preferred payment method:
      1. Credit or debit card
      2. Bank transfer

        In order to continue clients have to read and accept the Terms of Use and the General Conditions of Carriage (Passenger Conditions of Carriage (PDF) and Freight Conditions of carriage (PDF)). This is done by activating the checkbox "I have read and accept the Terms of use and the General Conditions of Carriage."
        On the right side of the screen is displayed the amount due for payment and detailed information about the reservation.
      1. When paying with credit or debit card, client is redirected to the BORIKA system. Then client should fill in the type and card number, expiration date and card code (CVV) and press "Pay" tab. Implementation and verification of the data is done in the BORIKA system.
        If payment is successful, you will receive a message with a reservation number.
      2. When paying by bank transfer client receives reservation number, company payment details, amount due for payment and the deadline by which the money should be received in PB Management account.
      Important: If payment is not received on company’s account till deadline date, the reservation is canceled automatically.
      Once the payment is confirmed, the client will receive confirmation and reservation number to the email address filled in the booking form.
      When paying electronically PB Management does not collect or store information for your credit or debit card details.
      Client should be aware that for each case in connection with any transaction will apply the relevant rules for the fees and commissions of the bank which has issued the card.
  3. Change and Cancellation of reservation.
    Once an online reservation has been confirmed it can be changed / canceled according to the General Terms and Conditions available at Passenger Conditions of Carriage (PDF).

    In cases when payment is made online, for which subsequently:
    1. has been received a contestation from the legitimate cardholder and / or the bank issued the card;
    2. or
    3. has been received a signal from the Bank/BORIKA for possible fraud in paying
    PB Management has the right to cancel the electronic confirmation and has the right to hold the client responsible under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  4. Feedback
    For group reservations, please contact us:
    Telephone: 00359 56 871 628, 00359 56 871632