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Нотис: моилим да се има в предвид ,че поради ремонтни дейности на кейовото място в терминала към момента нямаме посещения в пристанище Новоросийск.

Note: Please note that currently there is no freight service to port novorossiysk due to terminal repairs of the berth place.


Shedule February 2018

Voyage 6
Burgas - Batumi - Burgas
Departure 16.02.2018
Arrival 19.02.2018
Departure 19.02.2018
Arrival 22.02.2018
Voyage 7
Burgas - Batumi - Burgas
Departure 23.02.2018
Arrival 26.02.2018
Departure 26.02.2018
Arrival 01.03.2018
* For port Batumi and Novorossiysk freight traffic -1 day prior ship’s scheduled arrival, for passanger traffic for Batumi - 10.00 h on the day of ship’s arrival. After that waiting lists shall apply and loading is not guranteed.
Remarks: All arrival, departure and transit times are approximate and not guaranteed. The schedule is subject to changes without notice due to unforseen circumstances and navigational conditions.